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Ocean Cleanup Without Robbing Peter

Ask any engineer and they will lament the paradox of fixing a problem here only to have a consequential something break over there. 

What is the right move, right decision, right material?  Recycled plastics vs. plastic leaching. Electric care v. mining for rare earth elements.  It's a constant give and take of weighing what drives the most impact and what is a consequence we just have to accept. It is easy to agonize to the point of inaction.

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Eliminate the Environmental Impact of K-Cups & Nespresso Pods

My favorite appliance is also a trifecta of plastic reduction in our house: It eliminates a ton of single use plastic, it saves money and it’s tasty. It’s a fully automatic espresso machine called a Jura. It works just like a Keurig: put your mug in the machine, hit the brew button and 30 magical seconds later you have a cup of coffee or espresso. The difference is that the only waste is coffee grounds. As a bonus, during the 10+ years we’ve had it, the $900 Jura saved us $3,000 over the $90 K-Cup brewer.  Read More

Businesses Can Lead the Way to Single Use Plastic Reduction

As the world's largest online retailer, Amazon is also one of the biggest users of plastic packaging. From our own research at FiveADRIFT, we know that an incredibly diverse number of suppliers can provide plastic-free packaging, tape and water soluble adhesives (some of our favorite products can actually be planted and turn into flowers). 

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Do You Know These 6 Sustainable Travel Tips?

Pining for a vacation but concerned about how your next big trip might be bad for the environment or local area? You can enjoy your...

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