20 of the Most Environmentally Sustainable Companies

20 of the Most Environmentally Sustainable Companies

As a consumer, your purchasing decisions have an enormous impact on the environment and the global community. It may not seem like it, but factoring environmental sustainability into your everyday purchasing can make a huge impact. 

At FiveADRIFT, we encourage all customers to engage in conscious consumerism. Whether shopping for furniture or protein bars, chances are there is a quality, sustainable alternative out there. 

We have curated a list of the 20 most environmentally sustainable companies. All of these companies are B corporations that have been featured on the annual “Best for the World'' lists at least once. B corporations have undergone extensive auditing to ensure they are practicing sustainability, treating workers fairly and following strict codes of ethics. Continue reading for 20 of the most sustainable brands to shop from. 

We are currently seeking our B corporation certification to show our dedication to sustainability, people and the world. Did you know that 100% of your purchase from FiveADRIFT goes to charities that clean up the ocean? Take a look at our organic cotton and hemp beach towels here: FiveADRIFT beach towels.  

1. Dr. Bronner’s 

Environmentally responsible, ethical and inclusive bodycare products — need we say more? Dr. Bronner’s is committed to providing high-quality products with an emphasis on people and planet. The company has committed to using organic and fair trade ingredients, treating employees like family, building sustainable supply chains, reducing their environmental footprint and so much more. With a 177.8 Overall B Impact Score, Dr. Bronner’s is a solid choice for any environmentally conscious consumer.

2. Leesa 

We could all use a bit more rest — with Leesa, you receive a comfortable mattress and contribute to providing mattresses for children without. Leesa’s mattresses are made with recycled material and natural materials to give you the most sustainable and satisfying sleep possible. Leesa has a 111.4 Overall B Impact Score that will help you rest easy at night. 

3. Peace Coffee

Founded by the nonprofit Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Peace Coffee’s mission is to serve the global community and provide delicious coffee. Peace Coffee traveled to Chiapas, Mexico to find small-scale coffee farmers who wanted fair wages and a cooperative in which they could voice frustrations and work together. Peace Coffee offers 15 kinds of coffee and has a 100.5 Overall B Impact Score, making it the perfect place to shop for your morning brew. 

4. Bloomin

Consider all of the promotional paper products you see in a day — flyers, business cards, calendars, labels, coupons, tags and much more. With an Overall B Impact Score of 91.8, Bloomin ensures that those promotional materials don’t become waste; they become a garden. The original manufacturer of recycled, seeded paper made with natural dyes, Bloomin provides a unique product that can be used in a variety of ways. 

5. KeepCup

Think about how many disposable coffee cups you go through in a month. KeepCup can replace all of them. KeepCup is a hygienic, reusable cup designed according to barista standards so you can bring it to your favorite coffee shop over and over. An Overall B Impact Score of 107.4 proves KeepCup’s dedication to reducing waste and promoting sustainability and social responsibility. 

6. Alter Eco

Producing chocolate often means exploiting workers and clearing forests to plant cocoa plants. Alter Eco is changing that. With recycled packaging, organic ingredients and small-scale, fair trade farmers behind them, Alter Eco chocolate bars and truffles come with zero guilt. This company earned a 133.8 Overall B Impact Score and has made it on the Best for the World list eight years in a row. 

7. Pete and Gerry's Organic Eggs 

Organic eggs from free-range chickens on environmentally sustainable farms – doesn’t this sound like a dream? Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs have made this dream into a reality. With an Overall B Impact Score of 100.4, they have proved their commitment to working with small-scale farmers and adopting environmentally conscious agriculture practices. 

8. Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods makes shopping for unique, globally-sourced products easy. From home goods to jewelry to food, you are sure to find something wonderful. Uncommon Goods sources their items from makers around the world, has given over $2.8 million in charitable donations and refuses to sell items that use fur, feather or leather. Their environmentally friendly packaging and living wage promise has led them to earning a 126.2 Overall B Impact Score

9. Badger Balm

Skincare products made with natural ingredients in a fully sustainable factory from a company that has committed to zero net emissions by 2030 – this is Badger Balm. But that’s not all. Badger Balm promotes healthy work environments, advocates for coral reef conservation and uses responsible agricultural practices. With over 60 Badger Balm products to choose from, you can find the skincare product you need with this 147.4 Overall B Impact scoring company. 

10. Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Yellow Leaf Hammocks sells comfortable hammocks handwoven by people of the Mlabri people in Thailand. They have extracted the middle man from the scenario so that more of their profits can go directly to weavers, giving them a high wage that can help bring their families out of poverty. Yellow Leaf Hammocks has an Overall B Impact Score of 141.9 for their global stewardship and environmentally conscious practices. 

11. Numi 

A good cup of tea can often make all the difference in a day. Numi has an Overall B Impact Score of 118.1 for its incredible commitments to the environment and its employees. Employing small-scale farmers, Numi provides safe working conditions, a fair wage and education on organic farming. Additionally, Numi is a Climate Neutral Certified company that incorporates sustainability into all aspects of their product, including their plant-based wrappers. Enjoy sipping from a wide range of delicious teas knowing that your purchase has made a positive impact. 

12. Happy Family Organics

Choosing the right nutrition for your family has never been easier. Happy Family Organics makes organic, nutritional food for babies, toddlers and moms. This company is committed to reducing their carbon footprint by using sustainable packaging and promoting regenerative agriculture. Happy Family Organics also believes in the power of community and has given over 5 million meals and snacks to those in need. This company received an Overall B Impact Score of 107.3. 

13. New Belgium Brewing

New Belgium brews beer that is sustainably made by people who care about people. The company made the first carbon-neutral beer and aims to adopt 100% renewable energy by 2030. Promoting diversity and inclusion is another way in which New Belgium acts as a force for good. With an Overall B Impact Score of 136.5, New Belgium has proven its dedication to the environment and to the global community. 

14. Outland Denim

Finding sustainably and ethically made denim clothes is made easy with Outland Denim. From jeans to dresses, they offer a wide range of products. Outland Denim earned a 111.5 Overall B Impact Score for their commitment to conscious production. Organic materials, natural dyes and ethical farming practices are all part of Outland Denim’s mission. On top of that, they provide sustainability and supplier transparency reports for customers who want to know more. 

15. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is an already popular brand with an ever-growing customer base. They sell plant-based cleaning supplies in sustainable packaging, with a goal to provide 100% recycled packaging by 2025. This green-friendly company received a 114.5 Overall B Impact Score for their work in climate activism and their commitments to the environment and clean living. 

16. Beeswax Wraps

If you haven’t tried beeswax wraps for preserving and storing your food, you’re missing out. Beeswax Wraps sells wraps that are used to cover and completely seal open containers, produce and anything else. You will hardly believe they’re made out of organic cotton and beeswax. Using all-organic and local materials, with an emphasis on environmentally friendly packaging, it only makes sense that Beeswax Wraps earned a 90.5 Overall B Impact Score

17. World Centric

Long gone should be the days of styrofoam take-out containers, but restaurants and food service businesses have better alternatives. If you own a food business and are looking for compostable packaging, World Centric is the company for you. World Centric extensively audits those in their supply chain using fair labor requirements and gives back 25% of their profit to causes they care about. That’s why the company received a 124 Overall B Impact Score

18. Wisdom Supply Co.

There is nothing like a brand new planner and a freshly sharpened pencil to make you feel productive. Wisdom Supply Co. offers the perfect sustainable alternatives to regular, plastic office supplies. Their beautiful planners are made from recycled plastic, natural dyes and hemp and wheat fiber. With an Overall B Impact Score of 93, this company lets you sit down at your desk feeling good about your office supplies. 

19. Lotus Foods

Earning a 110.6 Overall B Impact Score, Lotus Foods provides nourishing foods without the detrimental environmental or ethical impact. Lotus Foods sells fair trade grains and noodles that have been sustainably grown on small farms in India, Cambodia and Indonesia. By introducing new agricultural methods, Lotus Foods was able to cut carbon and methane emissions, as well as reduce worker injuries and diseases that often come from standing in flooded fields all day. 

20. Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

How does ice cream on a hot summer day sound? With Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, it can be made even better. Jeni’s prioritizes their workers and ensures that they have clean working conditions and enjoy a livable wage. Additionally, 95% of Jeni’s packaging is reusable, compostable and recyclable. With an Overall B Impact Score of 93.5, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is a summer treat you can’t go wrong with. 

FiveADRIFT: A Top Sustainable Company

Let’s be honest: Not every purchase you make will be from a sustainable company. However, being conscious about your impact as a consumer is already a step in the right direction. Look around you — what other things in your home can you swap for sustainably made alternatives? 

One easy swap is your beach towel. At FiveADRIFT, we sell beautiful beach towels made of organic hemp and cotton. We strive to give back to the planet, reduce our waste and provide fair working conditions. Every time you purchase one of our beach towels or tote bags, you are showing your support for the planet and all its inhabitants. Learn more about our mission and impact here.

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