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Why Does FiveADRIFT Advocate Beach Cleanups?

If your bathtub is overflowing, do you mop up the mess or turn off the tap? This analogy is often used to describe the challenge of dealing...

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10 Amazing Organizations Fighting to Save Our Oceans

We're all about the ocean at FiveADRIFT. Each of our hemp and cotton Turkish beach towels stops 500 plastic bottles from entering the ocean and...

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The Five Ocean Gyres of Plastic Smog

Ocean gyres are large systems of circulating currents in the ocean that can accumulate marine debris, including microplastics and other forms of pollution. The gyres...

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Why we should all avoid single-use plastics

Did you know that every day, we use over 500 million plastic straws? And that’s just in the United States. And just for drinks. Plastic...

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