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Dedicated to Making a Positive Environmental Impact

FiveADRIFT was founded in 2019. We are fueled by a purpose to make the oceans plastic free.

By donating all profits to charity we support ocean clean-up programs and educate organizations to use plastic responsibly in their operations: Stop the flow. Clean up the mess. We also think it’s important that people learn to ask questions about where products come from, how they are made and what they contain.

Welcome to our tribe of adventurers, eco-travelers, sun gods, nature lovers, luxe lifestylers, and beachcombers.

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Joining Environmentally Conscious Companies in the Cause

We wanted to take the idea of a mission-driven brand and push the envelope. In the words of Paul Newman, “let’s give it away.”

We believe that every decision and purchase made impacts our world, ourselves, and future generations. FiveADRIFT is built on this foundation of values that guide everything from the growth of our fabrics to the happiness of our customers.

There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. Along with the 1.8 trillion pieces floating on the surface, the majority of it sits on the ocean floor posing an even greater threat by seeping into the food chain. FiveADRIFT is dedicated to removing plastic and taming our relationship with it.

Your purchase makes you a part of this FiveADRIFT tribe and commitment brings us all closer to a plastic free ocean.

Who We Are

Two entrepreneurs walk into a bar… well, it’s not quite like that but 20 years ago we met at the aptly named Lucky Bar in DC. Fast forward 2 decades, while on a family sabbatical on the other side of the world with our 3 kids in tow, we witnessed the utter majesty and beauty of our planet.

After months of enjoying some of the most beautiful beaches in the world we knew we had to work harder to preserve our precious earth for future generations. So...we put our entrepreneurial and environmental backgrounds to work.

A love of the ocean and a passion to protect it was the genesis of FiveADRIFT; a company formed purely to create a positive impact.

How We Started: Earth-Friendly Products

We picked a towel as our first product: we all use them; we love beautiful ones; we want them to last through our toughest adventures.

Unfortunately, most of the towels made from microfiber or recycled water bottles shed a lot of plastic back into the world.

So we searched for a better way. After extensive research on production/manufacturing and testing how our towels hold up in the wild, we sourced materials that are plastic-free, grown with less water and made by adults. The result is that we created the most luxurious, super absorbent light-weight beach towel on the planet.

Our entire organization is not only committed to being waste free, carbon negative and single-use plastic free, but we think it's a good idea to push others to do so as well.

Clean Oceans: Together Let’s Make an Impact

Let’s protect the oceans by cleaning them up. Let's change the course of other organizations to reduce wasteful use of plastic. Together we can change everything.

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