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6 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Luxury Beach Towels Right Away

If you are ready to flaunt your #BeachBody this summer but still using plastic microfiber towels for the big reveal?

Plastic microfiber towels shed micro plastics into the ocean that interfere with marine life and ecosystems. That wouldn’t be such a grand reveal, now would it?

Use all natural fiber towels instead like our FiveADRIFT luxury beach towelsand bid farewell to plasticized, metastasized eco-unfriendly towels and pamper yourself with the ultimate touch of luxury.

Now some of you might wonder, ‘what’s the big deal? It’s a towel I’ll use a few days a year’.

Well, for starters, a plastic microfiber beach towel will not only ruin your social image (we take that quite seriously…what would Instagram say!) but also ruin your social image with any nearby aquatic creatures.

Today, we will focus on the bright side and share six reasons why you upgrade to FiveADRIFT luxury beach towels right away.

1.   Luxury Beach Towels Are Super Absorbent

If you are back from the beach but still dripping like an oversoaked sponge, you know what you gotta do?

Treat yourself to a luxury beach towel. One primary reason that makes beach luxury towels so superior is their super-absorbent material. Our beach towels are made of only natural and sustainable materials that are highly absorbent and perfect for that post-swim session.

The beach towels at FiveADRIFT are made with natural materials that include hemp, flax, and recycled cotton that is highly premium in both appearance and quality. The fabric is not only gentle on your skin but also extremely absorbent, minimizing the need to use multiple towels to do the job.

2.   Luxury Beach Towels Are Fast Drying

There is nothing more annoying in the world than a damp towel sitting stubbornly inside your beach bag. Even worse is when the journey back home is a few hours long, and that damp towel starts to reek. That musty smell is quite annoying on your nostrils. We hate it…we all do!

Fortunately for you, there is a solution to end this misery. It’s called a luxury beach towel. Luxury beach towels are made of premium quality fabric that dries quickly and saves you from the hassle of carrying a heavier damp towel on your way back home.

3.   Luxury Beach Towels Are Extremely Light Weight

It’s not boot camp; it’s beach day.

No one likes carrying  extra weight, especially on a beach day where you are supposed to relax and unwind. Carrying commercial towels can be slightly problematic as they tend to add to the weight, especially if you are packing for the entire family.

That’s why we insist you buy luxury beach towels and see the difference yourself. Luxury beach towels are light weight and easy to carry.You can now feel easy breezy and enjoy packing your beach essentials as much as you enjoy the beach experience itself.

4.   Luxury Beach Towels Are Made of Sustainable Fabrics

You will rarely see the words sustainability and luxury being used together. Luxury beach towels are an exception.

Unlike commercial towels that use synthetic fabric and plastic, luxury beach towels only use pure and natural materials. The sustainable and high-quality fabric is what makes these towels a precious find. With the world on the verge of a climate change catastrophe, we all need to make eco-friendlier choices in our everyday lives. If something as small as using a sustainable beach towel can make a difference, we should all take a collective effort to do so.

5.   Luxury Beach Towels Are Plastic Free

While this may not apply to all of them, but most luxury beach towels are plastic-free. As mentioned above, most luxury beach manufacturers promote sustainability. This is why their products are completely plastic-free.

Brands like FiveADRIFT follow a similar pathway. Offering a 100% plastic-free guarantee, they claim that you will never find even a single piece of plastic in any of their luxury beach towels. No plastic in the towel means no plastic emission in the environment. How incredibly wonderful is that?

6.   Luxury Beach Towel Brands Contribute To a Cause

Luxury beach towels are more than just a prized commodity. Most of them come with a cause. Be it saving the environment or serving humanity–some luxury retail brands constantly contribute to the cause.

FiveADRIFT is on a mission to make the ocean plastic-free. All proceeds and profits from the brand are contributed towards the cause of removing plastic wastage from the oceans. According to statistics, over 18 billion pounds of plastic waste is found in ocean bodies yearly. As a result, millions of seabirds and thousands of marine mammals die every year, and their species are endangered.

To end the sufferings caused by plastic pollution, FiveADRIFT creates sustainable products like luxury beach towels to help overcome this battle. They also encourage other commercial manufacturers to play their part in protecting the environment and minimizing plastic usage.

Buy FiveADRIFT Beach Towels And Get One Step Closer To Plastic-Free Oceans

Your small purchase can help make a huge difference. So, what are you waiting for? Save the ocean and save planet earth by making an eco-friendlier choice of buying high-quality luxury beach towels.

FiveADRIFT luxury beach towel collection comes in classic, ethereal, bohemian, and retro patterns that will well-align with the aesthetics of your Instagram feed.

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