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We Give 100% Profits to Charity

How do you run a business if you give away all the profits?Why not register as a non-profit instead?Why is FiveADRIFT a B-Corporation? These are questions that come up...

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Adventure in Iceland - 4 Day Travel Itinerary

Rugged and wild with a landscape like no other earthly place, Iceland holds something special for everyone.

This remote island emits a mystical sensibility with its enchanting traditions and rich history complete with infinite rainbows.  Enjoy hot springs, elvish studies, and awe inspiring landscapes. Read More

Ocean Cleanup Without Robbing Peter

Ask any engineer and they will lament the paradox of fixing a problem here only to have a consequential something break over there. 

What is the right move, right decision, right material?  Recycled plastics vs. plastic leaching. Electric care v. mining for rare earth elements.  It's a constant give and take of weighing what drives the most impact and what is a consequence we just have to accept. It is easy to agonize to the point of inaction.

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How to Go Plastic Free with Your Cleaning

This article is part of a series of super easy ways to reduce your single use plastic consumption while reaping a whole bunch of other...

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