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Why FiveADRIFT is Focused on Removing Plastic from the Ocean

FiveADRIFT acknowledges that if we don't solve climate change, there's little else that matters. Of course we operate FiveADRIFT by buying wind and solar power, offsetting carbon emissions form shipment and more in order to be carbon negative. However, like any good ship, if everyone is focused on the same task, no progress is made elsewhere and the system doesn't work. We are systems thinkers and have chosen to concentrate our efforts on team ocean cleanup. In addition to removing plastic from the ocean for every plastic-free luxury beach towel we sell, we encourage everyone and every company to reduce plastic consumption. Read More

Props to P&G for Going Plastic-Free

This article is part of a series of super easy ways to reduce your single use plastic consumption while reaping a whole bunch of other...

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The Importance of Towels in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy has a few things to say on the subject of towels and their importance for interstellar travelers. According to the book, not only can you wrap it around yourself for warmth, but it can give you control of your life if you know where your towel is at all times. Read More

Eliminate the Environmental Impact of K-Cups & Nespresso Pods

My favorite appliance is also a trifecta of plastic reduction in our house: It eliminates a ton of single use plastic, it saves money and it’s tasty. It’s a fully automatic espresso machine called a Jura. It works just like a Keurig: put your mug in the machine, hit the brew button and 30 magical seconds later you have a cup of coffee or espresso. The difference is that the only waste is coffee grounds. As a bonus, during the 10+ years we’ve had it, the $900 Jura saved us $3,000 over the $90 K-Cup brewer.  Read More
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